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"KABİNCELL" Xtrem Telephone Interview Cabinet

Kabincell Phone Call Cabinets ; Modern workplaces adapt to the needs of people who perform their duties. More and more employees are expressing the desire to find acoustic solutions that will allow them to work peacefully and be more effective. employees phone calls Open office needs to find and organize custom zones for video conferences and. And the best solutions are solutions that allow you to provide comfort without having to pay too much to reorganize the entire office! OFFICE MEETING PODS

What Our Customers Say:
We were taking phone calls in the corridor or outside in the parking lot. We did a good thing in the cabcell and the people likes it!

Our cabins are used all day long. People use them to make phone calls; they also use it when they need time to focus and get jobs.

It allows one or two people to isolate voices acoustically during a telephone conversation, informal conversation, or video conference.

Groups: Leaving / Privacy areas - Telephone booths>
Room Acoustics-Sound Absorption> Telephone Rooms (booth room)
Sound Absorbing-Furniture> Office Telephone Room


Custom Acoustic Telephone Cabinets Wrapped in Decorative Fabric

  • High performance
  • Architecturally Decorative
  • Custom made
  • Decreasing Noise and Reverberation
  • % 100 Special Colors and Dimensions

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