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Meeting Room Acoustics for Effective Collaboration

Open plan office work with increasing meeting halls it requires more space for more rigorous debates or places to undertake complex tasks that require too much concentration.

Echobon Solo acoustic ceiling and wall solutions produced by our company, The sound position of sound-absorbing surfaces with acoustic panels suitable for the site will contribute to ambient acoustics in order to ensure maximum efficiency acoustic privacy So that the conversations that take place in the meeting room are not overheard by other employees. Meeting rooms must also be acoustically comfortable so that open communication can occur. You can contact our technical office to get detailed information about our meeting room sound insulation and acoustic solutions.

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Office Acoustics; In meetings, important meetings and presentations are held frequently. This means good acoustics are important to make the conversation clear and easy to understand.


Works and discussions in the meeting rooms often require a lot of concentration. Therefore, good acoustics will enable employees to work in an acoustically comfortable environment that maximizes the ability to concentrate.

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Privacy is key to meeting room areas. The sound-blocking and absorbing materials enable employees to make private conversations without being overheard by their colleagues.

We offer a variety of acoustic solutions for meeting rooms and small office spaces. Contact us to get a quote or arrange a free acoustic survey and consultation.

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