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SOFA Seat - Pod Seat

SOFA Seat PodSeat offers a comfortable and private space for a person in various areas of a modern activity-based office.

The President may be used alone or in groups to provide small spaces for additional confidentiality in meetings or to work peacefully. With the swivel base, users can turn to the desired direction. The chair is also available with low backrest and available as a desktop accessory for laptops.

The window openings in PodSofa also serve as armrests. Thanks to its compact size, the seat can be used even in small areas and is easy to transport to a new location. A variety of flooring materials can be used to add characters to space.

The Pod product family designed by OKabincell Design Studio also includes PodSofa, which hosts the PodMeeting and PodWork workstations.

Kabincell Telephone Call Cabinets; Modern workplaces adapt to the needs of people who perform their duties. More and more employees are expressing the desire to find acoustic solutions that will allow them to work peacefully and be more effective.

Would you like to be one of hundreds of happy customers who have tried our sofa seats, pod seat special design seats. Just call us.

For offices and work areas As a response to the increasing acoustic expectations, we provide a variety of acoustical materials and fabric covered panels thanks to the cabcell privacy areas.

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