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Office sound insulation;
, Without proper office acoustics, employees are facing focus. Modern offices are characterized by open spaces where employees can easily interact, collaborate and communicate. In fact, studies show us that open-plan offices are the most noisy workspaces and can reduce productivity by up to 66. Noisy offices is responsible for the physiological distress of workers; It contributes to high blood pressure, accidents and decreases in productivity. For offices acoustic panel solutions are the easiest and most effective way to ensure the convenience of employees. çözüm


Employee distraction was researched by dozens of organizations. The results are consistent and amazing. Approximately 70 of all employees in open workplaces reports that the greatest impact on productivity is the conversation of colleagues.

Open Plan Offices

Our facilities promise to provide an acoustic clarity to your open-plan office by taking the noise problem from noisy workspaces without losing the charm of the open plan.

Meeting Rooms

Our acoustic treatments for meeting rooms help to facilitate the communication by restoring audio comfort to users, while also preventing sound leakage to surrounding rooms that can compromise privacy.

Conference Rooms

Conference calls may be compromised if a room acoustics is not taken into account. Our acoustic treatments enable you to make the most of your audiovisual systems.

We offer various acoustic solutions for offices. Please contact us for price quotes and request for discovery.


When planning changes to new workplaces and existing workplaces, there are a few simple acoustic methods that can help the employee achieve better results for employee satisfaction and business success.
Acoustics are very important.

Office acoustics contribute to performance and productivity in the workplace. Many people seek quiet places to support complex information work. The ability to interact or engage spontaneously without disturbing others is important for teamwork and relationship development.

In environments where acoustic insulation is performed, employees reported improvements to the 38 to 27 for simple tasks, up to XNUMX on complex tasks. The only way to reduce unwanted noise is not acoustic coating. Office layout, flooring materials, walls, ceilings and behavior protocols can make a difference.

Workplaces gürültü working times according to the level;

80 clock in decibel 7,5
90 clock in decibel 4
95 clock in decibel 2
100 clock in decibel 1
105 in decibel 30 minutes
110 in decibel 15 minutes
115 in decibel 7,5 minutes

High noise and noise communication in office, meeting halls and similar working environments complicates the efficiency of the work. In addition, the complex design and urban density of developed cities increase the noise pollution from the environment and affect the quality of your employees' work. Technical Acoustics TeknikVolume AcousticsUz We eliminate this problem with our products. Regardless of the scale of the environment, we provide a more efficient environment for your workplaces and offices with various products that will reduce noise pollution to zero.

  1. Acoustic absorbent materials:
    Adding acoustically absorbent materials improves this. Absorbent materials take many forms. Acoustic ceilings, acoustic wall panels and carpet are some of the things we all know. Acoustic ceilings appear to be a repelling alternative to many. The appearance of the exposed building is more compatible with the brand of many occupiers. When ceilings and carpets are not part of the design, it is the responsibility of the workplace design team to strategically add absorbent materials elsewhere.
  2. Cloud Acoustic Panels;
    Acoustic Panels can be installed in various ways to meet your design and needs. Typically, wall-mounted Acoustic Panels can be mounted directly to the ceiling or suspended from the ceiling like a Cloud. The benefit of using the cloud mounting option is that Acoustic Panels make sound more efficient by absorbing sound.

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