Nexsus Office Chair

Acoustic Design Office Acoustics


Our Nexus Sofa Silent Office Chair is a modern cocoon for everyday situations, especially as a shelter for employees in open-plan workspaces or for users to make private phone calls in a hall. Born in a common project with Technical Acoustics, and designed by Kabincell, Nexus is located in open spaces and in many projects.

  • Solid wood frame
  • Acoustic Feature
  • Fixed pillows
  • High Quality FR Foam
  • % 100 Wool felt fabric
  • Choose from a wide range of fabrics
  • Special design with middle back height
  • Produced in 1 or 2 personality versions.
We are designing cubicle cabins where you can make acoustically silent calls, and our Nexsus office chair is designed in the highest level for both elegant appearance and quiet phone calls.

In line with the intended use of the needs and spaces required for the project, we complete the acoustic arrangements in the most accurate manner. We produce the most efficient solutions in all areas, from sound, noise, vibration control to acoustic volume management.


Nexus Quiet Seat; Seamless Communication with Amazing Sound Absorption and Acoustics, Comfortable and Advanced Level Design with chair seat seats, acoustic and soundproof seats with European standards.


After years of struggling with noise in open offices and calling in the corridor, we decided to install pods and cubic cubicles in special designs for modern workplaces. Acoustic pods, phone booth madein Turkey.

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