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Hok-on Linear Tube Rod System - TeknikWood

Hok-on TechnicWood Traditional linear wall and ceiling product Linear tubular cobbled hok-on system; teknikwoodcombines the temperature of wood with excellent acoustic values.

It is a built-in wooden ceiling and wall panel system, ideal for commercial, institutional and residential applications.

Both solid wood and coated MDF are used to make TeknikWood panels containing different tree sizes and spacings with & Ayos tree.

Wood Walls and Ceilings offer an aesthetically pleasing look with outstanding acoustic performance.
It has various configurations to meet most of the acoustic requirements.
Acoustic: Different acoustic materials can be used on and behind the panels to achieve different acoustic results.


teknikwood Grid

Sound Absorption (NRC)Up to 0.90
Sag / Humidity ResistanceStandard Service
Fire PerformanceClass c

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