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Kabincell - Cabinet Wall Mounted Telephone Interview Cabinet - Acoustic Booth - Telephone Booth Room
In For the purpose of using the needs and spaces required by the project, acoustic we complete the edits in the most accurate manner. Sound, noise, vibration control in the room acoustic We produce the most efficient solutions in all areas of general and private areas up to the management of the volume. hac

Kabincell® Cabinet Phone Cabinet - Wall-mountable for multiple side-by-side installation. Cabinet Booth room phone call rooms and phone calls are now becoming more comfortable.

Kabincell® Telephone Interview Cabin | We design telephone interview cabinets in cabinets, offices. We design your telephone conversations with more comfortable, acoustic intelligent offices. Acoustic office smart buildings design projecting installation

We were taking phone calls in the corridor or outside in the parking lot. We did a good thing in the cabcell and the people likes it!

Our cabins are used all day long. People use them to make phone calls; they also use it when they need time to focus and get jobs.

Kabincell Cabin Phone Booth
Kabincell Cabin Phone Booth 2
Kabincell Cabin Phone Booth 3
Kabincell Cabin Phone Booth 4
Kabincell Cabin Phone Booth 5

Noise is the biggest problem in offices because it reduces our ability to concentrate. The most common source of noise is the fact that your colleagues are talking on the phone or having a conversation recently. As social beings, people are making man-made sounds. All you need is a little warning to your brain, a familiar word, annoying laughter, and concentration is lost.

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