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Acoustic office furniture can create intimate social space and privacy islands, perfect for intimate meetings in your open-plan office. Reduce the volume for your team's next collaborative session, get the focus you need to get one to one, or find a special place to call a customer. Whatever your needs, we have a wide range of unique acoustic furniture designs available, including acoustic pods and furniture designs that your staff will love. From sound-absorbing furniture and panels to office sound insulation levels, see how open, no matter how large, we can make room.

phone booth
Kabincell Telephone Call Cabinets
Privacy Areas

Kabincell® knows that you owe it perfectly to serious phone calls that require focus. You will experience the absorbing effect of standing fabric walls at cabcell®. Convenient book support gives you enough room to look at digital or traditional logs, or get quick notes.

Acoustic Pods

"In the new way of working, people look for places where they are uninterrupted or silent."
Kabincell acoustic pods, acoustic semi-fabric walls and semi-glass walls are designed for you to focus on your work in a complex humming environment and away from sound.

Trendline Acoustic Pods
Acoustic Meeting Modules

Kabincell; With its various forms and facilities, Rondo creates its own workstations, consultation halls and comfortable presentation rooms. This allows you to edit an open office or area as much as you want. Featuring an excellent sound absorption quality, the Kabincell pods and cabins offer a simple, unique and ecological solution to rapid acoustic problems in working areas or public spaces.

Lande Research Areas

Acoustical Desks (Kabincell Sound Insulated Office Furniture) With its various shapes and facilities, Kabincell Lande can create these instinctive workplaces, corners and free and easy presentation areas. Let you prepare an office or room that is completely open to your wishes. Without sacrificing openness.

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Kabincell Workspaces
Separator & Screening

Acoustic display systems (acoustic secreen) Acoustic screen and separation systems can be installed on desktops or left on the floor. The thickness of the screens is 38mm. They are filled with noise reducing material which can be coated with felt wool or polyester fabric. Your 'notes' can also be mounted on the screens.

As the family of Kabincell: In line with the intended use of the needs and spaces required for the project, we complete the acoustic arrangements in the most accurate manner. For offices and work areas As a response to the increasing acoustic expectations, we provide a variety of acoustical materials and fabric covered panels thanks to the cabcell privacy areas.
Featuring an excellent sound-absorption quality, the Kayser pod pods and cabins offer a simple, unique and ecological solution to fast acoustical problems in work areas or public spaces.

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