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Office Acoustics - Office acoustics solutions, sound insulation, acoustic insulation, acoustic sound absorber panels, and acoustic insulation Our company has been operating in the sector since 2004 and with its expert teams in the field, quality and professionalism are at the forefront.

Teknik Akustik Mimarlık Ltd Şti.

is a result-based web-based sound insulation company for eliminating noise. Our mission is to fill your world with better sound by transforming your space into a more user-friendly acoustic environment. With more than 25 customers, our 15.000 industry experience and soundproofing treatments, we are able to replicate the things we work for countless others before you.

Lar An invisible red thread connects those who come together to meet, regardless of time, place or conditions. The yarn can be stretched or twisted, but never broken. " ~ Old Chinese Sayings

The legend of the 'red thread' goes through the essence of everything we do. Our culture expresses the connection between our values ​​and our business mission. It also helps us express our longing to help our clients identify their common issues - their brand, culture, and promises to be effectively expressed through their environment, furniture, technology, architectural systems, and audiovisual solutions.

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