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Fabric-covered wall panels, multi-purpose halls, open-plan offices, conference halls, studios and interview rooms are widely used to convert areas to workable environments. Panels, 80 is complemented by high quality acoustic fabrics available in different colors. Three standard panel versions are available. We offer decorative acoustic solutions with acoustic fabric covered wall panels. Fabric Panelsare fabric-wrapped acoustic panels designed to absorb unwanted background noise in your area, reduce echoes and deliver superior sound quality to your room.
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Acoustic panels are the modern way to reduce the noise spectrum. Using this system ensures the optimization of working conditions and quality in modern offices (effective sound absorption, division of zones, realization of visually attractive interiors).

The main function of the acoustic panels is to improve the acoustic comfort by minimizing noise reflection (echo) and noise. Acoustic panels use special patented and certified material that effectively absorbs sound.

If your project requires an acoustical solution designed to fit your budget, Echobon SOLO has a range of high-performance but low-cost wall panels as well as a range of impressive high-performance glamorous 3D panels. Acoustic wall and ceiling panels - our product range is specially designed to improve acoustics in your commercial and residential projects.

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Special Acoustic Wall Panels Covered With Decorative Fabric

  • High acoustic performance
  • Architectural Decorative
  • Special engineering and manufacturing
  • Reduced Noise and Reverberation
  • 100% custom colors and dimensions

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Ekhobon® designs and develops panels, panels, stretched fabrics and independent or ceiling mounted objects to improve the acoustic comfort of our living and working places. A high quality sound is made of sound-absorbing foam coated with a transparent * fabric, our products are manufactured in our factory in Gebze, Istanbul. Ekhobon ® has pioneered the idea of ​​placing sound-absorbing panels in a certain volume to enhance acoustic comfort. Since the early days, we have perfected our fabric-coated one-sided Ekhobon panels to reflect our depth of experience in this field.

The acoustic panel meets the 0,90-1,00 value as the NRC value. Acoustic panels are glass covered acoustic panels on glasswool which prevent sound of the resonance as a result of collision of the sound waves at the variable frequency frequency and wall surface. parmephon acoustic, parmephon glasswool acoustic panel, parmephon suspended ceiling, parmephon wall panels - parmephon velum wall panel - 3d wall panels

Acoustic panels can maximize the quality of the sound communication in the communication environment.

Due to the special innovation of Echobon Acoustic Panel Technology, there is an acoustic panel in the perfect directory, ideal for absorbing disturbing sounds and improving the working area.

These panels improve acoustics by avoiding reverberation and achieving selective absorption at different material densities. Double-sided design and 'A-Rated' The acoustic level is designed to be efficient while taking only minimal space; It is suitable even for the busiest offices.

They can also change the aesthetics of any room available in a number of colors and installation methods. They are designed with modern demands in mind; panels are eco-friendly, easy to maintain and canopy, baffle, 3D, circular, hexagonal forms; Available in many different designs. Divider Separators and wall screen secreen screens are also possible. This provides an effective sound control equipment arrangement that can take place in a range of work areas.

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