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Acoustic Wall Panels - Fabric Covered Wall Panel - Acoustic CoatingFabric PanelsAcoustic wall panels are fabric-wrapped acoustic panels designed to absorb unwanted background noise in your area, reduce echoes and deliver superior sound quality to your room.
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Acoustic Panel

Fabric-coated acoustic wall panels, 95-cinned glass wall made of microfibre fabric.

the Ekhobo ®, the SOLO parmephon sound-absorbing panels have pioneered the idea of ​​placing a certain volume to enhance acoustic comfort. Since the first days, fabric-coated single-sided the Ekhobo We have perfected our panels to reflect our depth of experience in this field.

Fabric Coated Acoustic Wall Panels

Ekhobon®, Parmephon Solo TECHNICAL ACOUSTICS designs and develops panels, panels, stretched fabrics and independent or ceiling mounted objects to improve the acoustic comfort of our living and working places.

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The acoustic panel meets the 0,90-1,00 value as the NRC value. Acoustic panels are glass covered acoustic panels on glasswool which prevent sound of the resonance as a result of collision of the sound waves at the variable frequency frequency and wall surface. parmephon acoustic, parmephon glasswool acoustic panel, parmephon suspended ceiling, parmephon wall panels - parmephon velum wall panel - 3d wall panels

Acoustic panels can maximize the quality of the sound communication in the communication environment.

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