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Conference and meeting rooms, acoustic comfort Areas where there is a fundamental requirement for a livable environment. The most common difficulty for such a place is that the reflected sound waves overlap a sound wave coming from the walls, the ceiling and the floor. This makes it difficult for the audience to follow up with the loss of mental fatigue and concentration following the conversation.

Acoustic design of a conference room In order to ensure low echo times, the selection of the finishing materials that should be suitable for the purpose of the room should be given great importance. An effective solution will undoubtedly help reduce reverberation times and improve all acoustics sound-absorbing panels is the establishment. By planning a targeted distribution of the sound-absorbing material in the environment, it is possible to guarantee homogeneity of actually listening to the whole room.

Technical Acoustics , conference and meeting rooms for a wide range of space that can easily adapt to any space and furniture acoustic panel offers a range.



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Sound Insulation for Your Existing Office Space

Excessive noise in offices is reduced by sound discharges and reduces noise levels that threaten employee efficiency. Improve sound values ​​in an existing area a set of room for sound panel It can be installed. Our Fabric Panels Look . Office sound insulation After your project has been installed, better control echo and background noise, create a quieter and more efficient working environment for those who share a common area
Your goal with your acoustic treatment is to improve the sound quality in your office by reducing your echo level. When you narrow the background noise level, you give more clarity to the original sound. This reduces noise levels in your office and provides a more productive working environment.
Special attention should be given to product selection, panel thickness and coverage, so please contact us to take advantage of our free Room Analysis service.

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