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Architectural Acoustics

Technical Acoustically, we offer innovative solutions to get the most out of open-plan environments.

Acoustic Panels

Fabric covered decorative acoustic walls and ceiling panels. We use high quality products with high NRC value.

Acoustic Pods

Kabincell acoustic pods design privacy areas. Short meetings with fabric covered walls, telephone interview booths ..

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Kabincell Acoustic Pods and Cabins

For offices and work areas As a response to the increasing acoustic expectations, we provide a variety of acoustical materials and fabric covered panels thanks to the cabcell privacy areas.

Kabincell - Pods

Acoustic Wall And Ceiling Panels

Wall panels, multi-purpose halls, open-plan offices, conference halls, studios are widely used to convert fields to workable environments. Panels, 80 is complemented by high quality acoustic fabrics available in different colors.

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Solutions / Sound Insulation / Acoustic Insulation

Ekhobon® designs and develops panels, panels, stretched fabrics and independent or ceiling-mounted objects to improve the acoustic comfort of the places we live and work in Solo wall and ceiling panels.

Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic Period in Open Offices

In open offices, ofis Kabincell alan working systems, which are the ideal choice for creating defined spaces and efficient offices in the work areas used by multiple employees during the day, also help to create short-term work and rest areas.
Modern office environments are changing, attracting and retaining talented employers at the highest level.

Kabincell - Phone Booth - Secreen Pod

Privacy Cabinets

The adoption of agile work, the increase of collaborative work processes and the spread of open spaces in offices are spreading in the workplaces around the world, there is office noise. Studies have shown that noise is probably the most common source of discomfort in the office and often leads to increased stress levels and productivity decline.

Telephone Cabinets

Our range of Office Telephone Booths and Acoustics allows a level of speech confidentiality of% 95.

Meeting Modules

Mini can make short meetings. and these modules can be moved easily.

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Capsule Pods

Modern and quiet innovative pod designs with office work pods ideal for 1 and 2 personality work areas

Work Tables

Quiet workspaces, ideal working space for focusing on work and great brainstorming


In open offices, Isola working systems, which are the ideal choice for creating defined areas and efficient offices in the work areas used by more than one employee during the day, also help to create short-term working and rest areas. and the Isola working systems, which are the ideal choice for creating efficient offices, are also helping to create short-term work and rest areas.

Acoustic Panels

Fabric covered decorative acoustic walls and ceiling panels ..

Ceiling Solutions

Fabric coated and painted surfaces and different forms of acoustic ceiling panels ..

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Screening & Seperators

Separator divider separator panels between tables ..

Cabinet Pods

Acoustic cabins working areas meeting modules acoustic pods ..

Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic Ceiling Solutions

Acoustic Cabin Pods

Meeting and seminar rooms acoustic sound insulation solutions.

Meeting room sound insulation; In the meeting rooms where serious works are done and important decisions are taken, we provide meeting room sound insulation with special insulation materials of maximum quality. We adhere to the corporate colors of your company in square or asymmetrical shapes covered with decorative fabric.

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Acoustics & Health

If you complain about these ailments, like a large number of employees, it is time to give more attention to your hearing.


Acoustic in all directions

Change the dynamics of the work environment in a single step. Excitement from calm to broad focus. In the new way of working, people look for places where they are uninterrupted or silent.

Office Sound Insulation

What They Said. '

Happy customers in our reference list, we are proud of the layer.

Mel Due to the sound problems in the factory and in the office area, we were receiving phone calls in the corridor or outside in the parking lot. The cabcell did a good thing and people love it !. iyi

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Oper In our factory, they performed acoustic improvement in our operas department. we were extremely pleased. innovative product and company concepts. They continue to do successful work Başar

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Factory Construction Works SORM.

Or Our cabins are being used all day long. People use them to make phone calls; they also use it when they need time to focus and get jobs. zam

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Our Wonderful Team ..

Specialist in acoustic architecture and design. Our team offers acoustic solutions to your demands.

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Founder & CEO

Graduate of Yıldız Technical University. 2010 has been developing itself in architecture and sound insulation since the year.

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Marketing and Product Sales

Graduate of IstanbulTeknik University. Sales and marketing of technical acoustic products since 2010

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Design & Technical Drawing

Bosphorus University Graduate Programmer in 2012 As it works with us.

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Acoustic Consultant

Haliç Ünv Fine Arts Graduate, 8 has been working for years.

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